Raw Chia Basil Seeds 150gm

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› Good nutritional value.
› 100% natural.
› The goodness of chia and basil seeds.
› Loaded with fiber.
› Good source of omega-3.

Chia seeds have been in use as early times as 3500 B.C. and was Aztec diet’s one of the main components. Chia seeds have been used as a food itself or it was mixed with other foods. It has also been included in medicines. These are of great importance because of its medicinal value.

History of basil and its importance from food for religious purposes is not unknown. However, basil seeds so far have been known to be utilized for cultivation. Just like basil leaves have many health benefits, basil seeds (also known as sabja seeds) are also loaded with important nutrients. These contain 42% carbohydrate, 25% fats, 20 % proteins, 1% fibers and high level of omega-3 as well. They also contain antioxidants, phytochemicals vitamin A and K and certain minerals. They are almost similar to chia seeds in properties. They came to use as a drink that reduces body heat during summertime. 

True elements chia basil seeds is a perfect combination of these two valuable seeds. As a precaution, soak these before use as these seeds also contain saponins which are not wanted. Soaking will remove the saponins.


Health Benefits of Chia Basil Seeds:

  • Helpful in weight loss: Both chia and basil seeds keep the stomach full which prevents you from eating too much. Thus, this packet is great for health-conscious individuals.
  • Good for digestion: Being rich in fiber, they are good for digestion and thus prevents from bowel related problems such as constipation. The seeds can help in cleansing the stomach and reducing constipation as it eases the bowel movement and it helps to flush out the toxins from the stomach.
  • Promotes bone health: Because of being calcium-rich and the presence of other trace minerals that promote the health of bones.
  • Reduce diabetes risk.
  • Heart healthy.
  • Detoxifier, and cleanses the blood.
  • Have a cooling effect on the stomach and can combat acidity.



Chia seeds, basil seeds.


How to use:

Soak true elements chia and basil seeds in water for 5-6 minutes before use. Use 6 cups of water for every 1 cup of true elements chia basil seeds. 
After being soaked, they can be used to make porridge, yogurt, or as a topping over salad, oatmeal or any baked food like cookies and bars. 
Store in a cool, dark and dry place away from moisture.


Allergen Information:

Packed in a facility that also handles tree nuts and cereals containing gluten.
If on medication, consult your doctor before including the seeds in your regular diet.

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