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Sugar And Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

  • Sugar And Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

What does sugar have in store for you? For sweet tooths, sugar is a rich source of energy. But this sugar, when it comes in the form of added sugar to your diet, can lead to health problems, such as diabetes, increased risk of weight gain, cavities in the tooth and many more.

The problem does not lie in consumption only but also in how our body processes it. Sugar acts as the prime source of carbohydrates in the body. It is a simple carbohydrate which when broken down into its constituents, results in glucose. This glucose, when passed into the bloodstream, makes the sugar level in the blood rise and the only natural way to bring back the sugar to the usual level is by the release of insulin hormone from the pancreas that shuttles the glucose out of the bloodstream and pushes it into the body’s cells

If the body has high energy requirements, sugar can be utilized to pump energy to the body’s working cells. But when there is a huge supply of sugar into the bloodstream, and the body doesn’t need it, it puts pressure on the pancreas to release insulin beyond the body’s usual requirements to compensate for the extra sugar.

How does this excess insulin affect our body? A human body has a limited storage capacity for glycogen. When excess insulin is put to work, it pushes the sugar into the muscle, fat and liver cells where it is stored as glycogen. Once the capacity of holding enough glycogen is reached, the excess sugar is converted to fat for storage. This excess fat gives rise to problems such as chronic inflammation and weight gain.

Let us see how sugar and weight loss are related.

How is Weight Loss affected by Sugar intake?

One reason being the excessive release of insulin that affects the body in gaining 6weight and the other being the act of craving for sugar after its first intake. Sugar cravings are common and can be explained by simple eating habits and certain food in our diet. It activates the brain’s reward centres which force one to consume more of it. This excess consumption results in added calories and weight gain.

Sugar doesn’t put off the hunger:

The body tends to digest food quickly that contains added sugar and because of this, such food items do not put off hunger but instead compels you to eat at very frequent intervals. This can lead to irregular eating habits, which ends up adding more calories to the body. It is also said that the added sugars add just the calories to the food items without actually increasing the quality of the diet.

How to solve this sugar eating problem? One solution is using raw honey or jaggery instead of refined sugar and to improve the munching habits, one can also consume Berries like Dried Blueberries or Dried Cranberries. No Added Sugar Muesli can also one of the best ways to start your sugar-free mornings.

The microbiome: 

There could be other reasons for sugar cravings such as the presence of microbiomes inside our intestines. These microbiomes are a diverse community of bacteria, fungi and viruses which are essential for our digestive health. The carbohydrates in our diet and the added sugar feed the bad bacteria in our gut and cause an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria. The presence of more unhealthy bacteria in the intestine lets you crave more sugar which helps them multiply. This imbalance makes it difficult for one to lose weight and causes a problem of weight gain. This craving can also result in issues like diarrhoea, bloating, constipation and gas.

So if you are one such being who doesn’t want to compromise on your weight loss practice, maybe it is high time to rethink and switch to the no added sugar food habits such as No Added Sugar Muesli, that add value sugar-free diet. We can also look at alternatives to sugar like honey & jaggery that equally can satisfy your sweet tooth and take care of your health.

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