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Superfoods you must Consume this Winter for Glowing Skin

  • Superfoods you must Consume this Winter for Glowing Skin

When talking about skin, there is one thing for sure which pops into your mind: “What you eat has a direct impact on how you look.” If you are constantly consuming processed foods or food which has high sugar or fat and low in fibre, it can lead to a dull and dry skin along with acne, dryness, itching, dark circles, etc. For supporting a healthy skin, a diet rich in lean proteins, fibre, raw vegetables, fresh fruits is the best. These foods are rich in amino acids and also possess anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial for maintaining a firm skin. With the winter season in full swing, the effects of cold weather on skin and hair has already started. Stock up on the below list of winter superfoods to get you an absolutely glowing skin.

Load up on Selenium for a Better Skin Elasticity:

Selenium is an essential mineral which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and quality of the skin. It also helps in preventing the skin from sun damage and premature ageing. Some studies have also proved that Selenium helps in preventing certain skin cancers. Foods rich in selenium include Brazil Nuts, pastured eggs and brown rice.

Tomatoes are known to Reverse Sun Damage:

Getting rid of the dry skin and severe chills? Include a few raw tomatoes in your diet. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants like lycopene. Lycopene is responsible for preventing the skin damage caused due to extreme exposure to the cold air. It can also prevent dryness, rough skin, etc.

Coconut Oil Improves Wrinkles:

Coconut oil helps in rebuilding the tissues of the skin which keeps the skin gentle and firm. It also acts as a hydrating drink which can give you the required energy and thus prevent dullness of the skin. Coconut oil prevents skin damage which is the main cause of wrinkles.

Green Tea Eliminates Dark Circles:

Certain types of allergies and allergens often cause dark circles or puffiness in eyes. Consume foods which are rich in antioxidants called antihistamines. They are known to reduce the dark spots, puffy eyes, dark circles, etc. Also, quercetin is good for eliminating the dark circles. Include foods such as Blueberries, Blackberries and Green Tea. The phenolic compounds found in these greatly contribute to delivering a healthy skin.

Cherries Help you Get Rid of Skin Flakiness:

The essential nutrients to maintain a healthy skin is Vitamin C and Potassium. Vitamin C helps in collagen pumping whereas potassium contributes in giving your skin the necessary hydration. It helps in giving that shiny glow to your skin by preventing dry and flaky skin.

Zinc is Good for Improving Acne Formation:

Zinc is an essential mineral which is responsible for the production of oil and the hormones which develop acne. People who suffer from acne breakouts are often deficient in zinc. Hence, it is important to eradicate the zinc deficiency by including foods rich in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, ginger, oysters, eggs, pecans, etc.

Increase the Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake to Prevent an Irritated Skin:

Omega-3 fatty acid support strong anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing the redness and swelling of the skin caused due to psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other such skin disorders. Omega-3 deficient people experience symptoms such as brittle hair, dry and flaky skin. For a lustrous and glowing skin, it is important to increase the intake of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as Salmon, Sardines, Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, Hemp seeds, etc.

Bell Peppers Contribute in Giving a Summer Glow:

Bell peppers are much useful to the health of your body when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin. Bell peppers, especially the red bell peppers are a good source of carotenoids which increases the blood flow and prevents wrinkles. They also help prevent acne and breakouts which keep your skin clear, non-oily, young and fresh looking all through the summer.

Sweet Potatoes Help Hydrate the Dry Skin:

If there is one thing which most people cannot get rid of, it is that of dry skin. Dry skin is a sign of vitamin A deficiency. The skin care products which are used by the majority of people consists of retinoids. Vitamin A is also called retinoids and sweet potatoes are highly rich in vitamin A. Bake a sweet potato and apply some pastured butter along with leafy greens like kale or spinach to add to its nutrition, thereby contributing to a hydrated and healthy skin.

Welcome the winter season with a warm hug by keeping your skin healthy, soft and tender enough to enjoy the cold breeze while cherishing the Christmas madness! Also, it will not only help you in enhancing the glow of your skin but will also maintain a healthy gut inside your body, keeping you warm from within.

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