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Something for everyone

Almond Flour

A twist that can turn your baking experience into an impacable savouring experience. True elements almond flour is made from blanched californian almonds of top notch quality.

Rs.315 Rs.350

Oats Flour - Atta, Gluten Free Millet Flour

True Elements Oats Flour has a power of converting your meals into supermeals. It is an excellent source of fiber, beta-glucan and other vitamins and minerals. It is made with the goodness of wholegrains and is 100% gluten free. 

Rs.180 Rs.200

Ragi Flour - Nachni Atta, Gluten Free Millet Flour

True Elements Ragi Atta is made of wholegrain ragi, also called finger millet is a powerhouse of nutrients. It enhances your digestive system, ragi also helps you with weight loss. That is because it is low on calories and keeps you full for longer. 


Bajra Flour - Atta, Gluten Free Millet Flour

True Elements Bajra Atta also called Pearl Millet. Bajra is one of the most widely grown millets in India and a healthy, gluten-free alternative to wheat. Bajra roti also comes with multiple health benefits! Bajra is rich in omega-3 fats, magnesium, potassium, fibre, and other nutrients that help lower blood pressure.


Millet Chikki 100gm

A guilt-free alternative to regular peanut-chikki. Made with Millets like Ragi, Jowar & Bajra & 100% Wholegrain Oats flour, this Chikki is a protein-packed snack for anytime snacking.

Rs.104 Rs.149

Indian Taste

Millet Mix

 This Millet Mix is made of wheat flakes, Millet such as Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Chana Dal, Watermelon seeds, Soynuts and tasty Indian spices. It’s a perfect snack if you are craving something savory, mouthwateringly delicious but most importantly, healthy!

Rs.99 Rs.165

Oats Payasam

Healthy & Guilt-Free indulgence is here! True Elements Oats Payasam is made with wholegrain rolled oats & instant oats making this dessert the perfect cherry on top of all your meals. Sweetened with Jaggery, this payasam is the finishing touch to all festive or non-festive feasts! Ever imagined you could be on your diet while also indulging in desserts? Now you can!

Rs.86 Rs.90

Western Style

No Added Sugar Oatmeal

Ready to make your breakfast healthy, tasty and also unsweetened? This rich and creamy, wholesome bowl of whole-grain oatmeal will give you the boost of energy you need while being UNSWEETENED!

Rs.106 Rs.125

Sweetened Jowar Flakes

Still, eating sugary cornflakes for breakfast? Try a healthier option with True Elements Sweetened Jowar Flakes!

A quick, nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal that will provide you with ample energy to kickstart your day

Rs.276 Rs.300

Multigrain Oats

True Elements Multigrain Oats is a nutrient-dense breakfast with the goodness of oats and the health benefits of millets such as Jowar & Ragi. Additionally, it also contains crunchy & fresh flax seeds that are high in fiber and good for gut health.

Rs.282 Rs.300

Cereal Biscuit - Made with Jowar

Introducing India's first Cereal Biscuit - The Healthier & Crunchier Breakfast. What’s special? It is made of just one millet & nothing else- Jowar. 

Rs.288 Rs.320
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