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Something for everyone

Chocolate Crunchy Minis

Why are we making Chocolate Crunchy Minis?

If you have loved our Protein Crunchy Minis, this new launch is going to be your next favourite snack! Richness of dark chocolate blended with oats flour & crunchy seeds, sweetened with honey & jaggery gives you the perfect chocolatey snack.

From a work desk companion to an outdoor hiking partner, these protein-rich minis are easy to carry, on the go energy boosters.

Rs.119 Rs.149

Dessert Mix - Made with Chocolate & Ragi

Why are we making Dessert Mix?

Dessert has always been a big “NO” for people who follow a strict diet. With Dessert Mix, we have solved this issue. Dessert mix is not only absolutely delicious but also made of healthy ingredients which makes it a guilt-free indulgence! This ice cream mix can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! From vegan and gluten-free diet followers to lactose in tolerants to weight watchers, everyone can relish this creamy & tasty treat!

Rs.145 Rs.149

Dryfruit Mix

Why are we making Dryfruit Mix?

Dryfruits are a great source of various nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals. We’ve combined the perfect mixture of premium dryfruits with AAA graded pumpkin seeds & tangy berries to give you the perfect snack! A handful of our Dryfruit mix daily can provide you with a lot of health benefits while satisfying your both snacking & dessert cravings. So now you can munch this nutritious mix instead of your regular junk food for those tempting snack times.

Rs.244 Rs.249

Raw Kalonji Seeds

True Elements Kalonji Seeds are 100% natural with no added colours, dyes or preservatives. They are uniformly sized & of premium quality. These herbal seeds are high in fibre, protein & antioxidants.

Rs.248 Rs.275

Indian Taste

Mysore Millet Dosa Mix

With the power of 4 healthy Millets (Ragi, Jowar, Kodo & Little) & ADDED chutney powder, our newest dosa mix: Mysore Millet Dosa will be your next favourite meal. Ready in 5 minutes, these fibrous dosas have no added baking soda/powder or any preservatives/colours. So you can enjoy a wholesome meal of Dosas without any guilt or worry!

Rs.99 Rs.120

Ragi and Jowar Dosa Mix

Everyone loves to enjoy some crispy Dosas for their meals. We are bringing you a version of Dosa that is easier & quicker to make (ready in 5 minutes), with healthy ingredients like Ragi & Jowar & with no added baking soda/powder or any preservatives/colours.

Rs.99 Rs.120

Instant Pongal Mix

Why are we making Instant Pongal Mix?

Pongal is a spicy comfort dish from the southern parts of India prepared with a combination of rice, moong dal and other spices. Excessive consumption of rice can lead to various health risks. True Elements Oats Pongal is made of 100% whole grain instant oats which provide the same taste as authentic Pongal without compromising on health.

Rs.142 Rs.149

Millet Upma

Why are we making Millet Upma?

Most of the available Upma mixes have semolina (which contains gluten) & are low in healthy millets like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi etc.

True Elements Millet Upma Mix is 100% gluten-free i.e SEMOLINA FREE & only contains healthy millets like Jowar & Foxtail, loaded with colourful veggies & indian spices.

Rs.189 Rs.195

Western Style

Chocolate Pancake Mix

Why are we making Pancake Mix?

Pancakes are becoming everybody's favorite these days for breakfast. We tend to cook pancakes in various ways with the most frequently used ingredient, Chocolate!

So we thought of making it easier and healthier for you by adding 100% Natural Chocolate to our Pancake Mix!

Rs.179 Rs.195

Oatmeal Italiano

Why are we making Italanio Oatmeal?

Eating pasta is no more a cheat meal Why? Because with Italanio Oatmeal, you can enjoy the creaminess & deliciousness of pasta, but with healthier ingredients & no guilt. It is one of a kind savoury oatmeal for all pasta lovers, who are looking for a healthier alternative to their favourite dish.


Chocolate Muesli - Nuts and Berries

Why are we making Chocolate Muesli - Nuts and Berries?

We all loved Chocolate Granola, Pancakes & Oatmeal & now its time to enjoy a fibre rich bowl of Muesli with your favorite seeds & nuts! Start your mornings with delicious - protein rich bowl.

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