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10 Amazing Flax Seeds benefits for Hair

  • 10 Amazing Flax Seeds benefits for Hair

Flax seeds are also known as linseed. You must have heard someone calling these alsi or are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They also have phytochemicals named lignans. Flax seeds are also used in vegetarian or plant based baking in place of eggs.

But do you know these tiny seeds are superb for your hair? Flax seeds are great for hair growth. Here is how these tiny little seeds make wonders for your hair.

  1. Flax Seeds are packed with massive amounts of Vitamin E. These vitamins reduce damage of free radicals thereby promoting healthy hair.
  2. Flax seeds also help in improving blood circulation in the head which results in less hair breakage.
  3. Flax seeds are also said to reduce premature graying of hair.
  4. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds prevent hair drying. Flax seeds nourish your hair and during the colder months help them stay hydrated thereby preventing hair drying. Omega-3 from flax seeds may also prevent dandruff and thinning of hair. And lets be real who wouldn't like hair long and healthy like rapunzell’s.
  5. You can consume or even apply flax seeds oil on your hair and it will help improve the elasticity of hair. You will notice a difference in the quality of your hair when you include flax seeds in your hair care routine.
  6. You can boil flax seeds and water and make thick gel out of it. Application of this one on your scalp will help you refresh the scalp. You can add a few drops of your favorite oil or aloe vera gel in this flax gel mask.
  7. Flax seeds help you balance pH level and they also control oil production. Oil production on the scalp gives you dandruff as dirt sticks to it making the scalp dirty.
  8. Flax seeds soothe your scalp calming sebaceous glands.
  9. Flax seeds also act like a natural conditioner by making them smooth and manageable. Flax seeds control split ends, frizz ,and dryness.
  10. Vitamin is packed with vitamins like E, B, Magnesium, selenium copper etc. these nutrients nourish your hair.

A few ways to add flax seeds to your diet will be using them in sandwiches, making a gel of flaxseeds and using them in baking, roasted or salted flax seeds to add on salads. Flax seed oils and flaxseed hair masks are great options for healthy hair.

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