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The Simple Strategy To Achieve Your Health Goals

  • The Simple Strategy To Achieve Your Health Goals

How many of you have set your New Year’s resolution to be fit and healthy? Join the clan. It is very easy to make these statements with the adrenaline of New Year's Eve and all the positive energy on the air. But, this year, let's try to keep it. We will be spilling out easy and simple strategies to achieve your health goals. Whether it is working out goals, bodybuilding goals or just casually staying fit- For all these different milestones, we have got a solution for you. First things first let's figure out how we can stay consistent with the routine. Let's jump in!

  • Start easy, don't create a very difficult schedule for you to follow every day. It might drain you out within the first 2-3 days and you will already think of giving up. The trick is to slowly build your schedule as your body gets used to its everyday routine. Let the first few days be simple, easy, warm-ups. Then, build one by one and build an extra step to your routine as per your health goal. Focus on tinier milestones- If your goal is to lose 10kgs, start by marking every 2-3 kgs lost and it will not only work as a motivating factor but will also help you focus on achieving small goals that will lead to the final one.
  • Watch what you eat when you start your goals. Avoid white flour, sugary meals, and drinks. You can shift to No Added Sugar Muesli to balance your morning breakfast before your workout sessions. Consume a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated during intervals. Once your workout picks up more intensity you can move to Rolled oats shake which makes you feel full for much longer therefore, it will help during long sessions
  • Reward yourself with a few cheat days where you can let loose and eat a little more than usual and a few snacks you have a liking for, maybe some delicious Protein Crunchy Minis that can also benefit your workout yet feel like a cheat snack. Always appreciate yourself for the hard work and dedication you have kept all along. But, remember the journey and don't stray away from it.
  • Use technology to track your progress. Several apps help you track your performance, the food you need, and your requirements/goals. Make the most of these advancements and update them religiously. It is the best way to mark your journey for future reference. You know your body best and everyone’s body develops differently with workouts, so these apps will help you understand what will work for your body, with proven analytics even better than a gym instructor.
  • Join a community of people who are trying to achieve the same goal. A community with like-minded people will help you grow better. You be more consistent with your work-outs when there is a good buddy who can go through the process with you. When you are being punished by the class teacher but your friend gets punished too, it doesn't seem like a punishment anymore, does it? It goes the same way!
  • Focus on one life change- If you plan to quit drinking, reduce the consumption of junk food and lose weight all at the same time, it's probably not going to go as planned. You will start imagining a fitter self, eating healthier, and the end goal seems to be picture perfect but very far away. Focus on one life change at a time. Start by quitting alcohol, then reduce junk food and then, start your weight-loss journey.

Now, if you follow all these simple strategies to achieve your health goal, you will be on the right track. Wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, appreciate what you see, and tell yourself how you desire to change for the better. The first step is self-love, the second step is self-improvement. Use your finger and trace over your body- the shape you wish to be in until you can see how much it has changed after working out persistently. Love your body, treat it like it's a shrine, and good luck achieving your new year’s resolutions for a healthy life!

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