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The Truth about Flax Seeds for Natural Hair

  • The Truth about Flax Seeds for Natural Hair

Are you still stuck on the flaxseed train yet? Flaxseed use has vastly grown in the US in the last few years, due to the various health benefits it possesses. People try to incorporate flax seeds or flaxseed oil in their diets, ground flaxseed in baking products, or just consume it directly as a snack.

Flax seeds are considered to be one of the best natural sources of omega-3 fats, lignans, and fiber. It’s been proved to lower blood sugar, help with heart disease, and reduce risk of cancer.

What makes Flaxseed so great for natural hair?

Flax Seeds are loaded with essential nutrients & ingredients that are beneficial for improving the quality of your hair, externally and internally. You can incorporate flax seeds into your hair care routine with hair products, but consuming flaxseed into your diet will also benefit you.


Flax Seeds are considered to be one of the best natural sources of omega-3 fats. Because of this, they help to moisturize, strengthen, and protect hair. Flax seeds are known to improve hair’s elasticity and prevent breakage of hair because of the presence of omega-3 fats. People who are low in omega fats diet, they tend to experience extreme hair fall and dry or brittle hair.


Omega-3 fats are known to improve the quality of your hair by helping in soothing and nourishing the scalp, thereby preventing dandruff and itchy scalp. The best way to use flax seeds is to apply flax oil to your scalp or incorporate flax into your diet.


Flax seeds are also rich in antioxidants, which can help lower your risk of infection and also might be helpful in reducing your risk of cancer. But apart from these, antioxidants help in strengthening the hair tissues by repairing the damaged hair follicles, and prevent tissue corrosion,


We all know we need protein in our diet, especially to have thick, good quality hair. But did you know how to meet your protein requirements for hair? A protein-deficient diet causes weak, brittle hair. Flax is an excellent source of protein, so one of the best ways to nurture the quality of your hair is to incorporate it into your diet, a handful of these seeds are enough.

Flax is as versatile as it is “very useful.” Now when it comes to the utilisation of flax seeds for natural hair, below are some of the ways to get the benefits of flax for your natural hair!

  • Eat flaxseed! If you incorporate flaxseed into your diet, not only does it benefit your hair, but you get all the health benefits as well! You can top your salad or yogurt with some flax seeds, mix ground flaxseed into your oatmeal or smoothie, or bake ground flaxseed into cookies and bread. You can also drizzle flax oil on salad or veggies- just don’t cook with flax oil!
  • Add flaxseed oil to your favorite hair products for added moisture, protection, and strength. You can mix a few drops or tablespoons into your shampoo to enhance your wash, or mix it into your conditioner to leave your scalp even more hydrated and nourished.
  • Massage pure flaxseed into your scalp to stimulate follicles, soothe the scalp, and encourage growth.

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