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These Simple yet Healthy Eating Resolutions you can keep in 2020!

  • These Simple yet Healthy Eating Resolutions you can keep in 2020!

Eating healthy is initially a conscious decision, but with proper practice and patience, it becomes an important part of your life once you realize that it's good for you and your body.

Generally speaking, unprocessed foods are healthier for your body. They lack preservatives and chemical additives like flavor enhancers that unnecessarily confuse and strain your intuition and body. The additives often cause you to be hooked into them and increase your desire for more, because of the flavors. Therefore, you should consume most of your food as naturally as possible.

A healthy breakfast is right to supply you with enough power for the day. Cereals, nuts, fruits or vegetables replenish your energy and optimally supply your body with vitamins and nutrients. Whole-grain variants are the simplest prerequisites for your body. E.g. Whole Grain bread with a homemade spread, sprouts, lettuce or cucumber slices to top it up!

If morning-cooking isn't your cup of tea, prefer healthy instant options like Muesli, Cereals, Instant Oatmeals or Overnight Oatmeals.

Here are some Healthy Eating Resolutions for your happy tummies:

  1. Eat versatile:
  2. Eating Healthy doesn't mean you only need to survive on veggies and apples. On the contrary - enjoy the variability. Prefer plant-based foods and alter the ingredients regularly. This helps you to eat a diet and to make sure the body's essential nutrients in sufficient quantities. The simplest option is to munch on True Elements 5-in-1 super-seeds & Nut mix. You can even add or sprinkle True Elements 7-in-1 superseeds on yogurt to relish or snack it within the midst of your main meals.

  3. Put Whole grain on the table:
  4. Choose whole-grain products for carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, pasta, and rice. Increase your fiber intake with True Elements Jowar Flakes Fiber. Choose Jowar Flakes more than Corn Flakes because it saturates longer, causes the blood glucose level to rise more slowly and prevents constipation.

  5. Eating Fruits & nuts on a daily basis:
  6. Ideally, the daily ration consists of two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables. If possible, choose fresh and seasonal products. This includes (unsalted) nuts or legumes. Fruit and vegetables usually contain few calories, but many vitamins and minerals. It also contains secondary phytochemicals, which has numerous health-promoting effects.

    If you like to avoid the effort of shopping for fruits & mix-nuts regularly, prefer True Elements Fruit & Nut Muesli for quick delicious Relish. If you’re a 1 Flavour Person; True Elements Strawberry or Butterscotch Muesli. It might be a match for you. These mueslis don't contain any unnatural sugars or preservatives or flavors, natural dried fruits and nuts are used so as for the sweet taste and also for natural nutrients! You can always use Raw Honey to make it sweeter, in the most natural way!

    A strong appetite for sweets can indicate that you simply have received insufficient energy during your main meal. But it also can just be the appetite for this special thing. within the first case, you ought to believe how you'll optimize your diet even further. within the second case, you'll treat yourself to something.

  7. Drink enough liquids:
  8. Water may be a vital part of your body. The organism loses fluid through sweating and evaporation, among other things. That's why healthy people should drink around 1.5 liters each day. Prefer water because it contains no calories. Unsweetened teas also are suitable. Basically, liquids don't fill you up, which is why calorie drinks aren't fillers, but rather fatteners.

  9. Prepare the dishes as gently as possible:
  10. Cook hot food as long as necessary, use as little water as possible and avoid excessive temperatures. In this manner, you get the nutrients the maximum amount possible. True Elements Quinoa are often cooked as per your preferences like into Poha or, upma,tikkis, pancakes or are often relished as a salad like Quinoa chat! an excellent alternative to your boring breakfast could include True Elements oatmeal, inspect our recipes here.

  11. Move a lot:
  12. A healthy lifestyle includes not only a diet but also regular exercise. Build small walks into the lifestyle, for instance, or take the bike rather than the car more often. This makes it easier to take care of weight and prevents many illnesses.

  13. Healthy Meal Replacements for Weight-watchers:
  14. Jowar Flakes and Muesli that are specially made for health & weight-conscious individuals should be considered. Oatmeal & Quinoa may be a healthy alternative too. True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli may be a quick option that will be eaten as a snack. And True Elements Multigrain Diet Muesli are often eaten as a meal replacement!

  15. Include Chia & Flax seeds in your diet:
  16. True Elements Chia seeds And True Elements Flax seeds are considered a superfood thanks to their beneficial nutrient content. they're rich in proteins, and fiber.

  17. Pump up Plant-based Protein in your Diet:
  18. Proteins are the foremost giant molecules in cells. they need to be ingested with food because our body cannot produce all of the protein building blocks itself. Proteins build hormones and enzymes and maintain the transport of metabolic products and blood coagulation - nothing works without them! True Elements- Protein Omega Mix may be a great protein snack that will be consumed as a pre and post-workout meal. Just confirm to increase your water intake after consumption of protein mix seeds.

    Although, it's easier to form resolutions but very difficult to stay with them.

    This New Year, make Realistic Resolutions that you simply can fulfill…

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