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Things You Can Add to Your Water for Better Digestion

  • Things You Can Add to Your Water for Better Digestion

The only key for good digestion is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps in improving the gut health and also flushes out the harmful toxins from the body which damages the cells and tissues of the body. There are many variants of foods which are available for better digestion. But when it comes to liquid drinks, we hardly have any idea on how to improve our digestive system. While the best way to stay hydrated is to regularly drink water, you can even add a slight taste to your water by adding a few ingredients to your water and convert it into a detox drink to up the benefits of the overall performance of the body. Following 6 types of different ingredients are truly great for boosting the immune system and removing the foreign particles. Every single ingredient highly contributes to serving at least one health benefit, right from weight loss, to boosting the energy levels.



Citrus fruits are considered to be a rich source of vitamin C. This particular vitamin is essential for creating digestive enzymes, thereby clearing the passage of food and improving the internal stomach line. All you have to do is squeeze one whole lemon or lime into the water and drink regularly as an ordinary drink.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Being acidic in nature because of the presence of acidic acid in it, apple cider vinegar wards off several foreign particles from the body which are known to cause internal infections. The antibacterial properties of this drink can guard your intestine and provide a smooth digestion process for your body. It also helps in boosting the metabolism along with maintaining the pH levels in the body.

Mint Leaves:

Since a very long time, almost centuries ago, mint leaves are always treasures as a medicinal plant known to heal any sort of infection. Mint leaves encourage the bile flow which speeds up the process of digestion. This also leads in supporting healthy cholesterol levels. Adding 5-6 mint leaves can heal an upset stomach without causing any side effects.


Cucumber carries a lot of water content in it, which is good enough if consumed for dehydration. Cucumbers are high in fibre which promotes healthy bowel movements and improves the gut health, thus helping in easing digestion. Add few slices of cucumber to your drinking water.


Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices in the earth. It consists of polyphenol antioxidants which clears out the foreign particles and prevents any inflammatory diseases of the stomach. It is also helpful in relieving IBS by killing the bacteria and healing infections in the GI tract.


Being used as a natural remedy for fighting cancer cells, and treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, ginger is also known to help in digestive health. It helps in releasing the gastric substances which cause bloating and gas and thus improves digestion. Crush small pieces of ginger and add to the normal drinking water, and drink it regularly.

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