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Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey Ginger Garlic And Lemon (Infused) 500ml

  • Price: Rs.380
    M.R.P.: Rs.400
  • Consists of electrolytes.
  • Purely natural.
  • Extracted from fresh apples.
  • Consists of antioxidants.
  • Rich source of flavonoids.

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Tags: Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV, vinegar

Among all ordinary vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is the most popular one. It is one of the oldest health tonic made by fermenting the sugar from the apples.

True Elements ACV infused with honey, ginger, garlic and lemon is a better version of your regular ACV. Natural and unfermented ACV is infused with health-boosting nutrients and antioxidants to make it healthier and better. Seb ka Sirka is enriched with the honey, ginger, garlic, and lemon which has additional health benefits.

How can Apple Cider Vinegar (Infused) - Seb Ka Sirka be beneficial for your health?

Want to keep your heart free from the risk of heart diseases?

It has been proven by several studies that it can help reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol. It reduces the risk of premature hardening of arteries and improves your blood flow, thus reducing the risk of heart problems.

Trying to get rid of frequent cough and cold?

Seb ka Sirka contains several electrolytes and enzymes which have antibacterial properties. Ginger and garlic which are rich in antioxidants promotes quick healing and can even protect your body from cold and flu. This infused drink also reduces oxidative stress and boosts immunity by preventing the entry of foreign particles into the body.

Having high sugar levels after you wake up?

Have a spoonful of this infused drink: Improves the insulin sensitivity and lowers blood glucose significantly. Two tablespoons of vinegar taken before bedtime can lower fasting blood sugar by 4%.

Struggling hard to lose weight?

Some studies show that it can increase the feeling of fullness. It prevents extreme intake of calories, thus helping you to shed those extra pounds and maintain your weight.

Are you tired of the irritation caused due to frequent coughing and sneezing?

A spoonful of ACV can surely help: Antibacterial properties can help combat bacteria that causes sneezing and coughing. It also contains honey which is effective in relieving cough and allows you to have a peaceful, proper sleep. It can even help relieve a blocked nose by killing the harmful fungal infections in the nasal area. 

Don't have intensive skin care time?

It can help detox i.e. removes toxins from the body. Toxins are a major cause of skin issues. It can also reduce acne and can help maintain young looking skin.

Besides, Apple Cider Vinegar can also help prevent cancer.


Fermented Apple Juice, Honey, Ginger Juice, Garlic Juice and Lemon Juice.

How to use:

  • Use 2 tablespoons of ACV  with 100 ml of lukewarm water twice a day, 15 minutes before breakfast and after dinner.

Storage Information:

  • Store Seb ka Sirka in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture. Keep away from direct sunlight. Best consumed within 45 days of opening.

Allergen Information:

  • Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts and Cereals containing Gluten.
Product Features
Health Benefits Best Remedy For Boosting Cardiac Health, Aids In Soothing A Sore Throat
Good Source Of For Alkalising, Flavonoids
Shelf Life 12 Months
Weight 500ml

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