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Little story of Happiness in Hyderabad

  • Little story of Happiness in Hyderabad


A new order has just been placed

Flashed a message on our screen – an order from Ms Parthasarthy* had been placed at our site for 8kg Steel Cut Oats.

It was the afternoon of 10th of April in the era of lockdown – with all of us glued to our screens at our places, connecting the dots between customers and their orders. Till then, this order was one of the many others that we were working on. But things were about to change.

By mistake the order was placed as cash on delivery, which we had to call back and convert to a pre-paid order. While speaking to Ms Parthasarthy, we learnt that this was a staple for her 80-year old father who could not move around, and only depended upon our Steel cuts oats for himself - a clear ‘essential’ as he was unable to move around.

Less than two hours later, as we attempted to book the order through shipping partner, we noticed that the pin-code was marked as ‘non-serviceable’ due to containment zones in Hyderabad. We could not give up so soon, is it?

We got together and reached out to our local Sales team to ‘do something about it’.

Raju, our colleague from Hyderabad jumped out of his place without a moment of hesitation, drove down to the distributor stock point, picked up the stock and then went on his bike to deliver it personally.

Half an hour later we received a call from him informing us that the police had seized his vehicle on the road as he did not have a permit to ride a bike in the city!

As luck may have it, he got his bike back after five hours of explanation. And guess what – the first thing he told us after coming out of the police station – “don’t worry. Main kuch bhi karkey deliver karega”

And from there on, through a series of ups and downs, permissions and arguments, it took another 24 hours for the distributor and our sales team to finally get this shipment delivered to Ms Parthasarthy!

But when they saw the smile on her face filled with overwhelming gratitude, that itself was worth much more than any shaabashi they would have got from their boss!

Sometimes, these little gifts stay with you way beyond the recognition you get from your team and the sales numbers.

Our team built a story that will remain with us for our lives, a story when a group of youngsters, sitting in their rooms in different parts of the country, were bound together – simply with the passion to ‘make a tiny little difference’ to our customer and be around her when she needed us!

Thank you Ms Parthasarthy for believing in us and to our team – maybe that’s what they mean by being true to our families!

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