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Neem Honey 350gm

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  • Rich source of antioxidants.
  • It is also rich in enzymes.
  • Devoid of any preservatives.
  • Also rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals.
  • Beneficial for skin and stomach-related disorders due to the presence of neem extract.

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Tags: Honey, Neem Honey, Raw Honey, Raw Neem Honey

True Elements Raw Neem Honey is a nectar extracted from the miraculous neem plant. It has an amazing dark colour with a natural dark toffee like essence. It not only tastes amazing but is endowed with wide-ranging health benefits. It is prized throughout the world for its medicinal properties.

It is 100% raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized and unheated, thereby preserving all the delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities. It has a mild sweetness and amazing healing properties.

How can Neem Honey improve your health?

  • Control high blood pressure without medications: Neem honey can cure heart ailments and help maintain blood pressure.
  • Maintain your blood sugar levels with something sweet: It is a natural sweetener which is better than the regular white sugar. It can sweeten your food without spiking the blood sugar levels.
  • Home remedy for skin problems and allergies: It can help your body heal internally and externally. It can cure skin wounds and all types of skin infections.
  • Natural tonic for kids: Honey is a natural revitalizer and gives a sound sleep to children. It also treats insomnia and morning stress.
  • Purify your blood with some sweetness: Honey has a very good impact on RBC count and raises the blood haemoglobin levels. It is also beneficial for iron deficiency anaemia. Honey can also prevent the loss of WBC, especially in chemotherapy patients.

Besides, like any other raw honey, neem honey ( known as s Maharishi in Ayurveda) is beneficial for weight loss, maintaining healthy digestion, improves eyesight, treat insomnia and can be a great source of energy.


Natural Honey, Neem extract.

How to use:

Neem Honey can be used as a sweetener in your cereals, juices, smoothie, and porridge. It is best to be consumed with warm water.

Storage Information:

Store it in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture.

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