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True Elements 10 ka Dum Snack Pack

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    M.R.P.: Rs.357
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  • Good Source of Iron.
  • Rich source of Fibre.
  • Excellent Source of Protein.
  • Good source of Vitamin E & B6.


Dried Whole Cranberries:

These dark-red coloured luscious berries are all you need to give a tangy twist to your taste buds. When you are too bored of consuming potato chips every day during your snack cravings, you can give a tasty try to these berries, which will not only surprise you with its sweet-savoury but will also fight off the harmful antioxidants taking birth inside your body.

Sunflower Seeds, Chilli Garlic:

Right when you are in need of spicy foods to give you that furious energy within you, look no more than towards this handful of spicy sunflower seeds, laden with the right amount of chilli powder and garlic powder to amplify your immune system and maintain a healthy digestive tract. Berries Mix: To the ones who need to gratify their taste buds with both, tanginess and sweetness at one go, these perfect combination of dried cranberries and blueberries is all set to make your day, in no time. With the goodness of tangy cranberries and sweet blueberries, this pack of berries mix will give you the required happiness in just one ounce (30g) of a serving.

Pumpkin Seeds, Honey Clusters:

Nobody really likes boring, bland food to make them happy and content with their hunger. Hence, in order to give a sweet zing to the plain pumpkin seeds, you can head over to the pumpkin seeds coated with lip-smacking raw honey.

Pumpkin Seeds, Cheesy Onion:

Are you the one who just cannot give up on cheese, no matter what? But you also want to follow your diet resolution by not compromising on skipping cheese from your diet, then a handful of these pumpkin seeds seasoned with perfectly blended cheese and onion powder is what you need to make way for.

Cranberry & Blueberry Muesli:

While you are always in a rush to reach to your workplace, and if you end up missing your breakfast, carry a pack of this on your way, to fill up your stomach and satiate your hunger pangs. Bonus? You can have it without milk too.

No Added Sugar Muesli:

No Added Sugar Muesli is a special variant of muesli with no sucrose, specially crafted for health-conscious people trying to give up on sugar. It has all the taste of muesli but with the blessing of no added sugar in it for the sugar conscious health freaks. A simple, raw muesli with real and natural superfood ingredients without sugar, preservatives or artificial colour or flavours.

Wholegrain Chivda, Salted Crunch:

An advanced version of the ordinary chivda, this snack is composed of different ingredients that consist of whole grains in it. It does not only make it health specific, but also makes a super-delicious snack to consume as it is enhanced with a pinch of rock salt to fulfill your salty snack cravings.

Wholegrain Chivda, Spicy Masala:

To fire up your taste buds by giving a spicy twist to your snack cravings, this whole grain chivda is specially curated for the spice lovers, by giving them a healthy treat along with the perfectly blended spices and whole grain ingredients.

Spicy Quinoa Mix:

Quinoa Mix comes with a mixture of natural elements in it, packed with protein, fibre and other vital nutrients required daily for the overall functioning of the body. Combined with whole grains and spices, this small pack can be your on-the-go snack partner, which will fill you up and not hinder with your health, thanks to the Superfood and nutritious quinoa in it.

Berries Mix:

True Elements Berries Mix consisting of dried cranberries and dried blueberries is an amazing combination of tasty yet healthy foods, serving multipurpose health benefits along with its unique taste.

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