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Story of True

Story of True
True Elements for True You
What is it about Health Foods

In life, as is with food, saying what you mean and meaning what you say is a path less trodden.

Imagine a world made of truth, where
what you see is what you get,
what you mean is what you say and
what you are is what you be……un-adulterated honesty!
Wouldn’t you want to part of that world?

Imagine holding a part of that world in your hands – Food that does not lie to you. Where what is written outside is what is inside. and vice versa.

Welcome to True Elements - a world where promises and claims aren’t made up of lies, half-truths and jargons.
Where, 100% Taste is achieved with 0% Chemicals, 0% Preservatives and 0% Added Sugar.

Where, every product in our range of breakfast and snacks does only one thing really well - taste good while being good for you, naturally.

By providing food that ranges from "nashta" to "tiffin" (depending upon which part of the world you are in), we aim to be India's Most trusted Whole-food plant-based Nashta brand.

Made of 100% Wholegrains. 0% Preservatives. 0% Added Sugar.
Made of 100% Truth. 0% False Promises. 0% Jargon.

So what is the “True” in our Story?


Once it reaches our plant, we believe in minimum tinkering, not only to what we speak but also the products we make.

All our products have 100% Wholegrain – which is certified by the Wholegrain Council of the United States. We are one of the few brands that have been certified by them on merit. We do not tinker with the whole grains, as it ensures you retain the nutrients altogether. So no complex words to convince you of the nutrition in our products - we actually deliver it with minimal processing!

Only Food, No Preservatives: - We do not add any artificial flavor enhancers or preservatives and cover them with simpler terms in the ingredient list. What we show is what is 100% of the products and not 95% (as per legal guidelines). Our products are manufactured in such a way that children can dig in and snack on whenever they feel like, and parents need not to skip a heartbeat worrying about their health. The pest control activities in the factory are completely natural and without the usage of any chemicals, making us do whatever it takes to stay True to You.

100% Natural Ingredients! - We are a 100% natural food brand and goes without saying that we do not add even an ounce of chemicals. While you go through any of our products’ nutritional label, you will see all possible information about the elements in it. We sincerely do not hide or skip anything on our labels. We believe to provide information to you with nothing more or less on our labels, staying as True to Nature as possible.

Health Benefit - Every product that we make has a demonstrated health benefit – however, we believe you should have it for its taste, as such we don't put it all across our packaging :)


We believe in respecting nature and doing our bit, and not just limited to sourcing. You can return the packaging which we convert to Fuel & give it to Rural Women for cooking. You can even order this food without Plastic from us!

It starts at the farms, from where we source "ethically" - keeping the interests of farmers as well as the environment.

Our factory is an NPOP certified facility and we don't use any chemicals during any of the manufacturing processes or in the maintenance of the factory. We also use bio-diesel for our generators, in our endeavor to be completely fossil neutral.

We believe in Recycling and Reusability in the purest sense. If you wish to buy our products with ZERO plastic, you could exercise that option. We will send our products in Corn starch pouches, packed in a recycled cardboard box, sealed with paper tape.

We take many small, easy ways to contribute towards saving the planet. One such step we inculcate in our productions is the usage of boxes for packing our Honey bottles. Rather than using thermocol boxes, we opt for using carton boxes of higher thickness made from recycled paper, thus saving the earth from the burden of plastic. The containers used for our range of Muesli are purely made of recycled cardboard box, which is 100% biodegradable. Saving the earth from 5 tons of plastic being dumped by using recyclable metalized polyester packaging is what we truly believe in, thereby showing our love towards the nature.

In case you have plastic pouches from us or any other brand from similar products like ours, you could send that to us. We will manage the logistics and will convert that plastic to cooking fuel, which we give to rural women for household purposes. You can earn TE cash in return for the pouches!
and by the way, we also take our competition's pouches in return :)

We convert the Agri waste and the product expiries to manure and give it to our farmers for revitalizing the land.


You can track the journey of ingredients used in every pack, right from the hands of the farmers to your hands!

We believe in transparency - every product that your family consumes can be tracked right back to its origins. Through our one-of-its-kind traceability technology, you can track every product from store to the farm, using a simple scan of a code! No lies - it is all in front of you!


Developed and managed by Millennials and Processed by Moms!

We believe in equal opportunity. Our products are largely developed and managed by Millennials and produced by Moms.

Most importantly, the ones behind the brand are the same as those in front - what we make is what we and our families consume. And all our members are the strongest believers in what we make.

Want to be part of the "TRUE" world?

Join us to build a world #madeoftruth!

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True Elements for True You
What is it about Health Foods

True Elements for the True You

We all want to be on top of the world. Want to be better at whatever we are doing. Better, not only than others but better than our own self. We want ‘that’ position, ‘that’ salary, ‘that’ lifestyle, ‘that’ vehicle, ‘that’ house, ‘that’ kind of family, ‘that’ life!

In all this pursuit of ‘that’, we ignore the main ‘hero’ who would do all this, “Me”!

We get bogged down by millions of things others want from us. Our moods define the quality of life we live, the people we are surrounded by, and the way they interact with us. We forget what keeps us charged and fit. We forget what keeps us energized and brings the confidence in us to move forward in life. The food we consume does not really get our attention. In a world where each one of us is always in a hurry to reach their destination on time, we eat whatever we can manage and whatever works for us!

Sometimes relishing a quick snack and 'cutting' at a tea vendor outside the station or sometimes sipping a hot Cappuccino at a Starbucks. Whatever seems enticing and appetizing, we desire to be served on our tables. We crave for nutty crunchy ice creams or mouth-watering pizzas bursting with cheese and spices and consume it whenever we wish to, without any guilt.

Who said don't eat all this? But even after getting satiated with our cravings, our stress levels don’t reduce. We still fall short of the energy required, the confidence, hope and positivity to move forward. We still find ‘that’ happy world elusive.

Why not eat something that makes you live life the way you want? Not longer but better. A better and smiling life that makes you do what you want and not what others want from you.

Get back to your Natural Self – Live your life ‘your’ way. Stay Natural and Lead a Happy Life.

Eat food the way Nature has made for you. Eat food which calms you down, satisfies your palate, reduces your stress and enhances your lifestyle. Don't eat chemistry books, but rather go for something which lets you stay the way you are. Eat food that makes you stay the way you are - Naturally!

But at the same time, don’t lose to your life – don’t put yourself at the end of every line – you are not an afterthought. Walk next to the sea – jump in the ocean or roll down the hills – don’t carry things in your heart like a treasure – spill it out.

Be weird – as there isn’t time for anything else.

Be yourself, dont store any regrets – eat what you want to, without harming too much. Don’t miss trying something, because you ‘think’ it might be bad. There is nothing bad.

Just take few steps without compromising your life – without having to move to all health without fun – take care of your health but with some fun, with more smiles, with more stupidities – stay foolish, but don’t stay hungry!

What is it about Health Foods

What about Health Foods?

Health, as a word, has become a favorite adjective for almost everything, right from clothes to houses, from paints to cars, from ’prasad’ to your home appliances! And yes, “healthy” seems to be a variant of almost every type of food these days.

Is it a fad or is it the ‘new’ norm? Are we getting more conscious of our health, or is this just another marketing gimmick?

Whatever might be the case, there are more takers for it than ever before. If something is healthy, you either get skeptical on the taste or efficacy, or repose your faith as a panacea of all your health issues.

Unfortunately, global trends justify this enthusiasm! According to a recent report by The Economist, " it is for the first time that we will live for as long as our parents, but with far more number of lifestyle diseases!”

We, as Indians, are not far behind, if not worse! With increasing lifestyle challenges, India is quickly emerging to be top on the list for most of the lifestyle diseases.

  • India has the highest number of Heart Patients in the world!
  • 2nd highest number of diabetic patients in the world!
  • It is estimated that 1 out 5 Indians is overweight!
  • In almost every family, there is at least one person who would either have a fatty liver, a kidney issue, high BMI or higher blood cholesterol.

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