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Types Of Best Oats

  • Types Of Best Oats

For many families, a big Sunday breakfast spread most definitely includes the very versatile and tasty - Oats! And rightly so, because oats are extremely nutritious and have multiple health benefits. Oats come in varieties of shapes and sizes based on how they are processed.

Listed below are some of the best types of oats that you can use:

  1. Oats Groats - This type of oats is basically oats in its purest form. Even though the hull has been removed, the germ, endosperm and bran are still intact. A major portion of the fibre content is found in the bran, thus making this specific type of oats the healthiest. Oats Groats have a texture similar to rice or barley and take the longest to cook, i.e. almost 30-45 minutes, of all the types of oats. True Elements Oats Groat are nutritious, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Being fibre-rich, these grains are a perfect replacement for our regular high carb staples like rice.
  2. Steel Cut Oats - As the name suggests, these oats are actually cut in half with a steel blade. They are also called Irish Oats. As the size of the oats gets reduced, the cooking time also gets reduced. They have a chewy texture as compared to oats groats and a nutty flavour. True Elements Steel Cut Oats are considered to be a natural source of Vitamin B & Iron. It is perfect for a quick breakfast fix without compromising on health
  3. Rolled Oats - Rolled Oats are made by steaming, rolling and flattening the oats groats, hence the name rolled oats. They are also called old fashioned or regular oats. These oats absorb water while being cooked and retain their shape. The cooking time for rolled oats is approximately 15 minutes. True Elements Rolled Oats are high in fibre, protein and healthy fats, giving your body the required energy for the day.
  4. Instant Oats - These oats are the most processed of all types of oats. They are pre-cooked and hence boiling them for 1-3 minutes is enough to cook them completely. Instant oats come closest to rolled oats in terms of texture and taste but have thinner flakes. True Elements Instant Oats are a powerhouse of Dietary Fibre that help in improving your overall health,
  5. Scottish Oats - These oats are stone-ground almost to a powder and are called Scotch oats. This process of stone grinding is centuries old and results in a thicker, creamier porridge-like consistency when the oats are cooked. Due to their powder-like texture, Scottish Oats take approximately 10 minutes to cook.

If you aim to go on a gluten-free diet then oats are a must-have in your diet regime as they are inherently gluten-free. Which is the best type of Oats? That completely depends - cooking time, texture and flavour! Choose any type that works best for you!

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