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Types of Foods Every Diabetic can enjoy

  • Types of Foods Every Diabetic can enjoy

What do you think how important it is to eat healthily? Immensely, I guess most of us would answer the same. However, solely because you have some incurable disease, it doesn’t mean that you should abate eating delicious and yummy food. According to the global report on diabetes it is estimated that 415 million people are living with this issue and the worst thing about this problem is that whatever you eat and drink directly affect the sugar level in your body. Therefore, the patients think that they should refrain from the desired meal. However, picking the right foods to eat can help you lower the blood sugar level, burn calories but also it will also relish your taste buds, and you will never find yourself forgetting the taste of your favorite dishes.

Here is the list of foods every diabetic can enjoy: Diabetic Diet


The seafood is considered as the tasty addition to the diabetic diet. Especially the fish, as it is a rich source of Protein, healthy fat, also it contains vitamins and minerals. This great ally for a balanced diet and comes in a variety of types like:

If you are dealing with diabetic type 1, then Salmon Fish is at the top of the recommended list for you because it is highly-rich in omega-3 fatty acid and good fats that boost your skin, brain, heart and more. Tilapia fish—the low fat, the high-protein provider is also suitable for type 2 diabetes. Plus the shellfishes, for example, lobsters and crab are good for portion control. Taking enough of these fats and proteins on a regular basis is imperative for diabetic patients as it reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.


Whether you have diabetes or not oatmeal is a superfood for all. It has been a universal breakfast food typically made of steel cut, rolled oats, instant and chopped oat groats. Porridge is not only yummy, but also it encompasses several benefits for a person with diabetes such as:

Thanks to the high-fiber and low glycemic index that helps normalize blood sugar level, therefore, it reduces the need for insulin injections. It keeps the cholesterol level low and consequently lowers the heart attack chances. It is rich in fiber to eliminate the need for snacks thus help in weight management. It also keeps your immune system active.

Above all, the oatmeal is very easy to cook you can cook it in minutes whenever you feel that blood sugar level is dropping. Consider adding Nuts, Cinnamon or berries to maintain the health benefits it offers.


Vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers and contain a meager amount of fats and calories. Raw, cooked or roasted vegetables add flavor, texture, and color to every meal. It helps you stay healthy while enjoying a range of meals.

Fiber helps in maintaining glucose level, cholesterol, relieves constipation and lower blood pressure. The vegetables with rich fiber are: Carrots, Broccoli, Split peas, Beets, Avocados, etc.

Taking nutritious food that naturally contains nitrate chemicals can help you improve overall circulatory health and lower blood pressure. Vegetables rich in Nitrates include: Arugula, Beets and beet juice, Lettuce, Celery, Rhubarb, etc.

Having a sufficient amount of protein on a regular basis is necessary for a diabetic person because you need it to cover insulin. Protein helps in growing new tissues and builds muscle and repair damage of the body. Vegetables containing high-protein are: Spinach, Bok Choy, Asparagus, Mustard greens, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, etc.


Health is a precious thing we cannot spoil it just for the sake of taste. On the other hand, we cannot also ignore the need for a mouth-watering meal for too long. There the only good is finding the mid way; eat what is healthy yet tasty. Moreover, if you think that diabetes has closed the food delivery options for you then you might be wrong. There are many stores at PennySaviour like Healthy Chef Creations which allow you to customize your meals, so that you could also enjoy a warm food at your doorstep.

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