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Rise and Shine Gift Hamper

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A breakfast collection that will make your mornings brighter, healthier and tastier.


Making Gifting Taste Real Good.

Say no to boring unhealthy food hampers. Bringing you a delightful combination of health, taste and happiness. Be it a festival, a birthday, a wedding or a corporate gift, these hampers are sure to charm your loved ones.

True Elements Gift Hampers are the closest thing to saying that you care. The combos are curated from among True Elements various offerings, delivered directly to the recipients in a beautifully designed box.

Keeping in mind that requirements of people vary, we have created unique combinations to suit every customer's taste and pockets.

Corporate Gifting

A range of standard and custom hampers that make the ideal gift for your staff, clients and friends.

To suit all celebrations.

Cranberry and Blueberries Muesli:

Muesli is a something that each health conscious person advises you to add in your diet. It is a dish made from raw rolled oats, dried fruits, Dried Cranberries and Blueberries.

True Elements Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli is a berrylicious variant of your regular, bland and boring muesli. It is powered by some intense sweetness of cranberries, tangy flavour of blueberries, crunchiness of flakes and the nostalgia about the luscious berries.

Ancient Chiwda:

True Elements Ancient Chivda is a perfect blend of ancient spices and mineral-rich grains like of Unpolished whole Wheat flakes, Rolled Oats, Chakhao (Forbidden Rice), Baked Bhujia ( Jowhar, Cowpea, Bajra, Maize and mixed pulses) and Spiced Pumpkin seeds. We have seasoned this with ancient chivda spices without artificial preservatives.

Unlike traditional chivda, our contain baked bhujia retaining nutrients like dietary fibre, iron with much lesser sodium than regular once. Bringing you a pack of traditional taste with ancient grains.

Seeds Granola Honey Crunch:

Sweet tidbits are a favourite snack for many people, but most of these are off limit if you are on a healthy diet. However, now you can indulge your sweet tooth without worrying because you have the perfect alternative to unhealthy snacks in the form of Granola Snack.

True Elements (Harippa) granola snack are sweet and healthy! It is specially curated for the sweet treat lovers by mixing honey and jaggery with the nourishing seeds. These craving busters have a serious healthy punch.

Roasted Darjeeling Tea:

True elements Roasted Darjeeling Tea is an exquisite tea having a distinct flavour. It is a unique blend of tea, specially roasted for enhancing its flavour and aroma.

It is one of the finest tea with a robust twist to it. It is full of sweet musky flavour similar to wine.

Oats Granola Honey Crunch:

The crunchy oats granola which combines real honey with whole grain oats is the best craving buster.

True Elements Oats Granola is full of natural energy that can keep you going with a relishing flavour. It is also a great source of several vitamins and minerals.

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