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Watermelon Seeds Roasted, Tangy Oregano 100gm

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  • Rich source of minerals like magnesium.
  • They are also rich in fibre.
  • Contains essential nutrients and amino acids.
  • Loaded with antioxidants.
  • It is a good source of vitamins and omega-3 fats.

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Tags: Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds seem bland as a snack to many Snackaholic. Seeds seasoned with delicious seasonings are a better snack option. Along with improving health, they also gratify the taste buds. 

True Elements Watermelon Seeds Tangy Oregano is far different from the monotonous watermelon seeds. The natural watermelon seeds are roasted with thyme, oregano and dry mango powder, to deliver a distinct flavour. Inspired by what the earlier civilization used to eat, our healthy snacks combine the heritage of ancient civilizations and the taste of today.

How can Watermelon Seeds prove beneficial for your health?

  • Give a natural boost to your immune system with a delicious snack: Antioxidants combats the free radicals and boost immunity.
  • Food for your heart: Magnesium ensures the good functioning of the heart. Fibre helps reduce blood lipid levels and maintains a healthy heart. Arginine helps heal coronary heart problems.
  • Is your nervous system getting weaker with age? Have a handful of these seeds: Vitamin B and Niacin maintains a healthy nervous system.
  • Feeling bloated? Beat it with watermelon seeds: Fibre helps maintain digestive health and prevents gastronomical problems.
  • Finding a post-workout snack? Your quest is complete: The citrulline leads to less muscle fatigue and can help you workout properly.
  • Trying to look young? It can help: These seeds delay signs of ageing. Protein and fats can help maintain healthy skin and hair. Magnesium can prevent dry hair.

Besides this, these seeds are a better snack option than your calorie-laden snacks. They can help prevent several nutritional deficiencies.


Watermelon seeds.

How to use:

Our Seasoned Watermelon Seeds are perfectly crisp & tasty, ready to eat as a snack. These seeds can also be used as a topping on your sandwiches or salads.

Storage Information:

Store it in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture.

Allergen Information:

Packed in a facility that also handles Tree nuts and Cereals containing Gluten.

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