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2X^ More Fiber and Protein

Baked Granola with Cranberries & Almonds

Baked Granola with Cranberries & Almonds

  • Price: Rs.245
    M.R.P.: Rs.250
  • Baked Granola is rich in Dietary Fibers.
  • Packed with Protein.
  • Loaded up with Essential Nutrients.
  • The goodness of Rolled Oats.
  • Fiber-rich healthy snack option.
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Product Features
Health Benefits Good for digestion, Prevents constipation & aids in Weight Loss
Good Source Of Protein, Energy, Iron
Shelf Life 9 Months

Granola, often considered as a breakfast food or a snack is a mixture consisting of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, honey or other sweeteners. Highly nutritious, this snack food can boost up your energy in just a small serving as it is power-packed with the recommended daily requirement of nutrients and vitamins.

True Elements Baked Granola is prepared with the goodness of natural, whole-grain rolled oats. Mixed with the right amount of seeds, wheat flakes and dried berries along with raw honey, our granola is perfectly baked until it attains a crispy, toasted and golden-brown coloured, desired texture to give you that feeling of a crunchy snack.

Tasty upgrade to your Snack Routine:

Great as a fulfilling Breakfast:

Packed with high amount of energy and dietary fibre, a small serving of Baked Granola with a glass of fresh fruit juice or Milk can fill up your bellies and refrain you from binge eating on nutritionless junk foods.

Great pick for sudden hunger:

Right when the clock strikes 11 in the morning, and all you need is something crunchy to satisfy you hunger pangs, this pack can be your straight rescue. It is also preferable for midmeal snacks.

true-elements-oats true-elements true-elements
Millet Granola Baked Granola Chocolate Granola
Dietary Fibre (per 100g) 8g 9.1g 9g
Protein (per 100g) 9.5g 13.4g 12g
Added Sugar 0g 0g 0g

Different ways to consume Baked Granola:

On-the-go quick snack

- Baked with Zero Sugar and premium quality, wholegrain ingredients.

- This crunchy, delectable mix of Rolled Oats, nuts, seeds and raw honey makes for a perfect wholesomeness of tasty snack. Have it as an on-the-go snack whenever hunger strikes.

Have it with milk or yogurt, tastes best anyway:

- While you have a daily habit of consuming milk or yogurt to meet your protein requirements, let Baked Granola make your morning breakfast exciting & tasty enough to leave your taste buds wanting for more.

- With just the addition of chilled milk or yogurt, your breakfast will be as easier as it can get. 

Garnish or Blend in a smoothie, works in all way:

- No matter what meal of the day, Baked Granola when added to any of your bland food can make it delicious enough for your stomach to crave for.

- Also, being loaded with the essential nutrients, it cannot compromise on your health needs while meeting your snack requirements. 

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