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What additional steps are we taking to make our food without COVID contamination risk ?

  • What additional steps are we taking to make our food without COVID contamination risk ?

We are doing multiple steps at our end to make sure there is absolute no chances of any external contamination at our end with respect to Raw Material, Finished Goods & The courier package.

Please see the details as below.

1) Why you could trust us with ZERO contamination scope at our factory ?

Employee Health:

a. We have completely cut our factory staff exposure to the external world since March 14th, as such we had ZERO productive days loss. They have been living inside the factory with their Food & entertainment being taken care of . Most of them, being from the migratory population are more than happy at this development. See some pictures here:


b. Inward raw materials are left at Dock without any exchange of human contact before processing. So that in case if there is some contamination in the external packaging, the same gets deactivated.

c.  All the courier / logistics providers who come to our factory are sanitised & thermal scanned at the gate. This is additionally done, though they don't interact with anyone from the factory.

d. All the employees go through a detailed disinfecting process every time they enter back to the production floor. The following video shows disinfecting process while entering production floor.

e. All the invoices / product reports have been moved to digital mode to avoid chances of contamination through paper.

f. External couriers providers who come to pick individual couriers pick up stock from our dock without any handover process from outside.

g. Folks who were working from home during lockdown have been asked to share their exposure in the last 14 days to eliminate the risk of people visiting high risk areas / containment zones. This has been done for all before they are allowed to enter the factory.

Raw Material Handling:

a. All raw materials & packaging materials are fumigated before it is used to avoid any risk of contamination during its journey to our factory.

b. Post fumigation, the products are cleaned, processed and packed with ZERO human contact.

2) What you could do at your end ?

While all these processes are being taken care of from our end, but you as a consumer need to take care of the below steps.

Online Orders

Receive the courier wearing gloves & open the carton box with gloves on.

Don't touch the internal product with gloves on, remove the gloves and take the product out of the carton box with naked hands.

You can store it at your kitchen shelf directly and use it at your convenience.

Offline orders

Wipe the external pack thoroughly with a tissue paper dipped/sprayed with Alcohol based sanitizer. Make sure the sanitiser you are using has 50% or more Alcohol content.

You can then wash your hands and touch the product to store and eventually be able to use it with naked hands.

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