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White Chia Seeds & Black Chia Seeds: Which One Has More Nutrients?

  • White Chia Seeds & Black Chia Seeds: Which One Has More Nutrients?

Black Chia Seeds are oval in shape and grey in colour with black spots on them. These seeds provide a contrasting colour to the food. Whereas, White Chia Seeds are in light coloured food where they blend easily.

Often differentiated by colour, chia seeds both in black and white colour contribute nearly the same nutritional profile to the food and also the same versatility of use carrying the same neutral taste. Both the black & white seeds are from the same plant salvia hispanica plant, also known as the chia plant.

What makes the white seeds different?

The difference in colour & nutritional value of a plant is due to its heredity. Heredity is the result of genetic dominance and, the gene is classified as recessive or dominant. There is only one recessive gene in each of these two seeds. The white-coloured chia seeds are the product of a single recessive gene that produces white flowers and hence white seeds, whereas the black ones are the result of the dominant gene type.

How are the two seeds nutritionally different?

Both types are equally rich in their nutritional values and other medicinal benefits as they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, calcium, dietary fibre, vitamins (C and K), and minerals.

Taking a closer look towards the nutritional content of the two, black chia seeds contain a slightly higher amount of protein, whereas, white chia seeds differ in their content of ALA omega-3 fatty acids, it being slightly higher than the black seeds.

Benefits of consuming chia seeds, the superfood:

  1. Controls the sugar level in blood by working on insulin sensitivity. This lessens the likelihood of the spikes and falls of sugar level that can occur after meals, particularly in the case of Diabetes.
  2. Good for bone health because of their richness in nutrients like phosphorus, protein, and calcium, both True Elements’ Raw Chia Seeds & Raw White Chia Seeds can prove to be a good source of these nutrients.
  3. Presence of calcium, iron and potassium, help in boosting dental health.
  4. Reduces the heart disease risk, as these seeds can control the blood pressure levels.
  5. True Elements’ Roasted Chia Seeds helps in weight loss, as it gives the feeling of satisfaction and hence less snacking on unhealthy foods.
  6. Helps reducing chronic inflammation, as the chia seeds work as an anti-inflammatory in the absence of healthy eating habits and lack of exercise.
  7. Coming with an easy to digest power, these seeds act as a nutritional powerhouse to the body.
  8. Being high in antioxidants, chia seeds help in preventing cancer (namely cervical & breast cancer).
  9. These superfood seeds promote healthy skin and slow down the signs of ageing. The reason being their super ability to fight the production of free radicals that damage the cell molecules.
  10. Coming in different colours, these seeds are of great value to the diet because of their rich nutrient content of phosphorus, protein and calcium. Also, they can be added, both in the raw and roasted form to take your taste buds on a ride of change.

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