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Whole Oatmeal with Chia & Whole Real Fruits 200 GM

  • Price: Rs.149
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  • No Added Sugar.
  • Goodness of Dietary fibre.
  • High in Protein.
  • Consists of Freeze Dried Fruits.
  • Loaded with Antioxidants.
  • Tasty treat for weight-watchers.


Let health, happiness, taste and nutrition, all come in one jar of overnight oats. With True Elements Whole Oatmeal loaded with the crunchiness of Whole Rolled Oats, tanginess of Dried Cranberries, crispy seeds and nuts, the sweetness of freeze dried fruits like banana, chikoo, fig, apple and strawberry, anybody’s cranky mornings will shift to an energetic, delicious, relishing start to the day. Filled with the right amount of fruits and nuts to give your taste buds a nutty-fruity flavour and give you a quick energy boost, this overnight oatmeal will take your breakfast game to another level of health and taste.

True Elements Whole Oatmeal is a delicious version of the bland oatmeal, enhanced with the addition of freeze dried fruits and 100% natural whole grain ingredients. The fruits are dried using a new dehydration technology by keeping them in cold temperature below 0 degree Celsius for freezing followed by immediate dehydration. The sugar content is only fruit sugar and it does not contain any refined sugar.

When rehydrated in liquid, these fruits develop the same taste, feel and texture as that of fresh fruits. Also, since they are exposed to a very low temperature, it retains all the nutrients.


Whole Rolled Oats, Dried Cranberry, Almonds, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Basil Seeds, Freeze Dried Fruits (Banana, Chikoo, Fig, Apple, Strawberry)

How to Use:

Whole oatmeal can be prepared in just 4 steps.

  • Take Whole Oatmeal in mason jar / pot.
  • Pour your choice of milk till oats are submerged and stir.
  • Close the jar lid and refrigerate it for the whole night.
  • Take the jar out of the refrigerator before consumption and your delicious breakfast is ready.

Storage Information:

  • Store in an airtight container to avoid moisture contamination. Keep away from direct sunlight. Best consumed within 15-20 days of opening the pack.

Allergen Information:

  • Contains Almonds. Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts and Cereals containing Gluten.
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