Why Are True Elements Pancake Mix Healthier?

  • Why Are True Elements Pancake Mix Healthier?

Pancake is one of the tastiest breakfasts to have. They're perfect when you want something sweet, something buttery, or something savoury. Plus, if you don't feel like eating a straight stack, there are plenty of other creative ways you can use the pancake batter. There are many mixes available in the market made with all-purpose flour (maida), sugar, baking soda & baking powder which causes bloating & digestive problems. So we gave the regular pancake a healthy twist!

The wholesome ingredients are what makes True Elements Pancake mix much healthier. We have 2 variants of pancake mixes, and both are equally tasty and healthy! These are the perfect breakfast/snacks for kids and adults to get their dose of protein and nutrition. You can top your pancakes with fresh fruits, drizzle raw honey or some chocolate sauce to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast or a guilt-free snack.

But what makes True Elements Pancake Mix healthier? Find out below!

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