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Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health ?

  • Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health ?

When you think of Chocolates, Jalebi, Laddus, or Rasgulla, I bet you already have a mental sugar rush, and I know they can be extremely hard to resist. So, I'm not here to tell you sugar is horrible, stop what you are doing and quit on every sweet meal or snack, no, that is not the intention, but what I will do is tell you how it is deteriorating your health & what kind of alternatives you can use instead of sugar. You can let out a sigh of relief and let all that anxiety out.

Now, here is where you will clench your teeth- Oh, Teeth! That's the first time we learned how sugar is bad for our teeth as kids. When we would go to the dentist they would always check for cavities, and tell us how we should avoid ice creams and chocolates. That was the first-ever red flag we all didn't dodge but smirked and stuffed into our pockets along with the chocolates. Apart from all the health issues that cavities can bring to you, sugar also tends to cause arthritis and joint issues in the long run. Heart problems are one big no-no that sugar says yes-yes to. Sugar travels in your bloodstream and affects the arteries which in turn causes inflammation, that eventually puts a lot of pressure on your heart. We don't want to scare you, so we'll tone it down a bit- The most obvious and known cause of consuming sugar- Overweight. The more consumption of sugary drinks the more likely you are to be diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes! I know, scary isn't it? We are trying to tone it down, but Sugar is not one to play with!

It is hard to identify the sugar content in processed food. Sometimes, it hides under different names in product packaging such as Corn syrup, Cane Juice, Sucrose Etc., making it hard for you to pinpoint. Eventually, you will still be consuming sugar though you think you are cutting down on it. Natural Honey and Jaggery are two good substitutes (Not if you are diabetic) for sugar that is not only good for health but also gives you sweet satisfaction. Honey is one of the best substitutes for sugar. It reduces blood sugar levels and possible weight gain. Jaggery is yet another alternative to sugar that helps is better digestion, is good for your immunity and controls weight loss. 

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