Why True Elements

True Elements is a health foods brand aiming to be the most trusted Health Brand in the country.

Inspired from natural foods consumed by our forefathers, True Elements provides a select range of Snacks and Supplements, that stand for what our forefathers believed in, but packed and modified for the current generation, taking into consideration the present day lifestyle!

The holding company of True Elements (HW Wellness Solutions) also creates awareness & excitement around preventive healthcare through its online portal, Healthyworld.in

Modern day lifestyle and cultural globalization have had its contribution in the food which we have today. Food that our ancestors had, has been lost over the years and the health & nutrition went out with it.

Ironically, people from one of the oldest known civilizations, Harappan Civilization, seem to be having, what we call supplements today, as part of their diet in the most natural manner. They consumed plants, seeds, nuts and leaves as part of their diet in their rawest form either fresh or dried. In the case of dried, it was laced with earthy natural and simple spices and condiments. They consumed these tasty nutritious food for intrinsic health and performed Yoga asanas for overall wellness.

Continuous effort in product Innovation & taste enhancement have taken us too far from their food and we no longer recognize and consume the agricultural produce the way our forefathers understood. But yoga stood the test of times because innovation in Yoga only started in early 1900’s. To have the health of our forefathers we would need to go back and pick a leaf from their times, figuratively as well as literally!

True Elements is the result of our ever quenching effort to get back to the original palate. Obviously, our tastes have evolved and so has the way we consume food. But What if we could get the old foods using a time machine into today’s busy, stressful world? What if we could get those natural foods back, to be consumed either as supplements or snacks, without disturbing our regular dietary consumption behavior?

Thus we have “True Elements” bringing to you select set of Snacks and Supplements, that stand for what our forefathers believed in, but packed and modified for the current generation!

Life is short. Let’s have fun. But let us rewind and learn from our seniors. Let get back to where we belong to, let’s get back to our elements, let’s get back to our…….True Elements !!