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Why You Should Eat Wholegrain Products?

  • Why You Should Eat Wholegrain Products?

If you see the above image you will understand the difference between Whole grain and Refined grain. A bread, roti or any product made of whole wheat flour is packed with a massive amount of nutrients as the bran is intact which is a great source of fibers. The endosperm contains proteins and carbs. The germ includes vitamins and minerals. Refined grains only have endosperm which contains a maximum amount of carbs. This is the reason why people are so keen on whole grain consumption over refined grains.

Below are 8 fantastic benefits of whole grain.

  1. Whole grains are full of nutrients which also include some trace minerals like iron magnesium copper and zinc. These grains also come with a great amount of proteins, vitamins and fibers in it.
  2. A diet that includes a good amount of whole grains can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and even some cancer.
  3. Whole grains also have some antioxidants which are not easily found in the food otherwise eaten.
  4. The compounds present in whole grains, fibers, vitamin k and antioxidants, may also reduce the risk of stroke.
  5. As whole grains don’t only contain the carbs but also have other nutrients, they are a better choice over refined grains if you are on a path of weight loss. It is also believed that whole grains help in reducing the risk of obesity.
  6. Fibers are great for digestion. Whole grains are great as they have good amount of fibers in them
  7. Whole grains are also very filling. Proteins for the whole grains keep you full for a longer time.
  8. Since wholegrains are not as processed as refined grains the nutrient value of these is intact.

A few ways to incorporate whole grains into your diet are by having whole wheat pasta, Whole wheat bread, whole grain bhakaris, brown rice etc. You can make upma of steel cut oats or whole oats.

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