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True Elements

True Elements offers a range of high-quality snacks and natural supplements that are inspired by natural foods consumed by our ancestors.

bowl of healthy food

100% Natural

Food which is wholesome, nutritious & devoid of any preservatives or chemicals.



Inspired by the ancient wisdom of our ancestors who believed in holistic and natural food.



Every product has a demonstrated health benefit beyond basic nutrition.



Unique combinations of both health and flavour specially crafted for you.

What Customers Say About Us


Raw Organic Honey

Manish Anand

This honey has a wonderfully rich and complex taste. I bought it since it was clearly labelled as unheated/unprocessed, and so far I’m very happy with this purchase.

Asutosh Tripathi

Got my delivery within 24hrs of ordering & this product is thick and tastes Amazing. Did water test for the quality of honey and this is genuine. Must buy.

Ayesha Tiwari

I liked the taste. Did the flame test, water test etc. and it seems to pass all the tests. Didn’t see any crystallization so far. Definitely pure and tasty.

Pumpkin Roasted Seeds

Kalpana Sharma

Pumpkin seeds are very good quality, very clean and fresh, packing very good, promt delivery. Thank you for providing us such good quality products.

Ashish Jain

Very good product. Should be kept in the fridge after opening and consumed within 3 weeks for best taste. I keep repurchasing this as it is a good source of zinc.

D Prakash

Nice taste, good packaging. At my desk in office for those short nibbles when work gets you hungry.

Spearmint Infusion Tea


It Cleans your Liver and Kidneys, it suppressed my appetite. I stopped eating sweets, my weight has reduced. I purchased this product to detox, it works for me. Thanks True Elements.

Ashu Singh

Mint has always been my favorite ingredient, what could be better than having a spearmint tea first thing in the morning. I am completely satisfied with the product. It’s a must try!


I had a lot of acne issues. Have been drinking this for a month. It works well and my acne is reduced. Also, it’s very refreshing! I would recommend​ it to everyone!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ashu Singh

Tried it out for a month and surprisingly my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were under control. Something I would recommend to people with cholesterol and sugar problems.

Vamsi Krishna

Amazing product! I was able to see changes in my health. Do try without hesitation. Worth the price.

Rohan Arora

Gifted it to mom as a health gift, ended up buying two more.

Our Products

All our products are packed at our own facility certified by FSSAI, HACCP & ISO 22000.