True Elements offers a range of high-quality snacks and supplements that are inspired by
natural foods consumed by our ancestors, with a unique combination of taste and innovation.


What you snack on, goes a long way in shaping your diet. We have some innovative and good-for-you snack options inspired from ancient cultures and curated for the modern lifestyle. They are easy to have, taste great and help fill you up while weighing you down. Nibble on, while you appreciate their ancestry.



Natural Supplements

We have a proficient range of dietary supplements adopted through the ancient lineage and nothing capsuled or artificial about them. Comprising exotic Super Grains like Quinoa and Oats and select variants of Tea, Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar to name a few. These are sure to add value to your daily regime.




3 Ingredients Oatmeal
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Easy Home made Nutella
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