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Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Plan!

  • Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Plan!

Known for her sizzling beauty and marvellous acting, Kareena Kapoor Khan has won the hearts of people all over the nation with her hot sensational body. She surprised her million fans, giving them major body goals along with her beauty. Right from her size zero figure to marrying the Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan, she has greatly inspired and has been in the constant limelight in Bollywood.

Her firm determination and strict discipline towards her diet made her one of the hottest divas of Bollywood. She was dedicated to her diet, sacrificing all the cheesy and oily foods to come into the limelight.

Having a balanced diet plays the most vital role when it comes to shedding calories. The three most essential attributes needed to lose weight are a strict balanced diet, regular workout, and dedication. Positivity is another vital attribute to lead a healthy life. In one of her interviews, she stated: To stay fit and healthy, one should be positive towards life.

Kareena diet plan by Rujuta Diwekarwas was simple but effective. Take a glimpse of what made her the star of fitness and a diva of Bollywood in no time.

Kareena Kapoor Khan keeps it simple. She starts her day with fresh fruit juice or milk, prefers only vegetarian meals and believes in following a simple yet healthy diet. Along with a balanced diet, she makes sure to never miss out on exercising regularly.

Here’s what her diet plan consists of:


Kareena prefers to work out in the morning, so her breakfast is protein-rich and nutritious. Muesli, when consumed during breakfast, helps in packing a high amount of calories. Muesli is a fibrous breakfast cereal that helps to keep your hunger pangs at bay by keeping you full until lunch. She prefers soya milk over plain milk because soya milk is loaded with all the nine essential amino acids necessary for your body.

Mid-Meal Before Lunch:

Between breakfast and lunch, she enjoys coconut water combined with basil seeds. This refreshing drink helps beat mid-meal cravings. This drink is a great way to get rid of bloating as well.


Keeping your lunch simple and without any high-fat foods helps you to maintain a healthy, long life. Being a vegetarian Kareena's lunch is a balanced meal with veggies, dal and paneer. Dal is the highest source of proteins, keeping you active throughout the day. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in green vegetables boost immunity, keeping you away from any health disorder.

Evening Snacks:

A person must keep a count of the number of proteins consumed in a day to lead a long life. Therefore, protein shakes are the best rescue for your evening hunger. Kareena skips caffeine for her evening snack. Raw fruits are known to be the healthiest amongst all other foods. Since they are uncooked, there is no loss of enzymes. Hence it is beneficial for the human body's overall functioning.


Keeping your dinner light can help you get a sound sleep. Kareena's dinner consisted of Khichdi and dahi. Khichdi is a combination of rice and dal. Dal is an excellent source of protein. Dahi is also very healthy and helps in the smooth functioning of your digestive system. Some days she enjoys having vegetable pulao with raita. Rice is a grain often criticized for weight gain, but if you learn to practice portion control, rice can be helpful in your weight loss diet. Apart from all these, Kareena Kapoor Khan drinks 7-8 glasses of boiled water in a day. She firmly believes in drinking as much water as possible. Drinking adequate water boosts your metabolism and keeps hydrated for a longer duration.

Along with these simple homemade meals, Kareena had a disciplined workout regime that included yoga, home stretches and strength training. She worked out for 4-5 hours a week. She ate small meals every 2-3 hours that kept her away from binge eating junk food. Kareena Kapoor's workout and diet plan is a good example that proves you do not have to deprive or starve yourself of food to lose weight.

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