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Muesli v/s Cornflakes - Do you know the True difference?

  • Muesli v/s Cornflakes - Do you know the True difference?

With the increase in the demand of healthier, ready-to-eat options for breakfast and the era in progression, there is also an increasing demand by the people across the globe. The way people are living, the lifestyle they are adopting, everything eventually ends up and connects to the food we consume.

As food is the basic necessity, it sometimes gets difficult to search for food which provides all the nutrients required for your body. As we all know, Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Therefore it is important to incorporate a higher amount of nutrients and one of the best options is breakfast cereals in the form of Oats, Oatmeal, Muesli, Flakes, etc.

While Oats are usually consumed by people who are on a weight loss diet, Muesli and Cornflakes are the one that are most preferred by kids, adults and seniors as well. Eating a wholesome bowl of Muesli or CornFlakes can kickstart your day in a way no other breakfast can.

Muesli is a wholegrain, wholesome mixture of Oats, Dried Fruits, Nuts and Seeds. It is a Fibrous breakfast which can be either consumed with Milk, Yogurt, Juices or Smoothies. It is filled with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants apart from High Fibre. It is highly recommended for improving the digestive system.

Whereas, Corn Flakes are made up of milled corn, sugar, corn syrup. It has higher amount of Carbohydrates which can lower the cholesterol but due to the presence of Sugar in them, it can be much of use to the sugar-conscious health freaks out there. Benefits of Muesli over Cornflakes.

While both Muesli and Corn Flakes are said to be healthier breakfast choice, there are tremendous benefits in which Muesli wins over Corn Flakes.

Below listed are some of them:

  • - Both muesli and cornflakes are rich in nutrition but also has some difference in between both of them. Cornflakes are loaded with sugar whereas muesli, being sugar-free is good for diabetic patients.

  • - Muesli has a good amount of dietary fiber which is good for heart health. It is also rich in antioxidants which helps in lowering cholesterol whereas CornFlakes contain plenty of starch in it which can cause problems like constipation.

  • - Both muesli and cornflakes keep you energetic the whole day because of the presence of several nutrients in them. The corn flakes are made from corn starch which can result in inflammation whereas Muesli is rich in antioxidants, hence can be beneficial for preventing inflammatory diseases.

  • - Cornflakes have a larger amount of carbohydrates present in it thus do not contribute to weight loss whereas Muesli has a low amount of carbohydrates present in it, thus aids in weight loss.


With the above health benefits demonstrated, the conclusion comes out to be that muesli has more nutritional benefits than cornflakes.

While both corn flakes and muesli have many nutritional benefits but if compared together muesli wins over because muesli has low saturated fats and low glycemic index, thus no harm is done to the body.

But both the foods are fibrous food and cornflakes contain saturated fats therefore cornflakes should not be eaten excessively as it can cause constipation, bloating, and gas. Apart from these, health issues like diabetes and heart problems can take place. If you are eating muesli regularly then you should bring some changes in your lifestyle like regular exercise, increase in fluid intake and changes in your diet.

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