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True Indian Breakfast Combo

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  • Multigrain Dosa Mix helps in digestion & prevents bloating.
  • Masala Millet Upma is gluten-free as there is no semolina/rava.
  • Multigrain Daalia Indore is a perfect substitute for your regular high-carbs poha and rice.
  • No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavours, No Preservatives.
  • All products have wholesome Ingredients making this combo high in protein & fibre.
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Why True Indian Breakfast Combo is better than the rest?

Indian Breakfast Combo is a combination of 3 of True Elements best Indian breakfast options. We have given these everyday breakfast options our True Twist by making them healthier and tastier! With this combo, you can prepare Crispy Dosa, Fluffy Upma & Spicy Dalia. All three breakfast options are full of nutrition and easy to prepare.

Multigrain Dosa Mix, 250gm: Multigrain Dosa Mix helps you cook a Delectable Meal in No Time! Moreover, it is highly nutritious, made with a blend of Urad Dal, Oats, Jowar and Rice flour and has no artificial rising agent like baking powder or soda. Instead, we use Freeze-Dried Curd Powder and packed it in the goodness of methi seeds. This easy to make dosa mix is delicious, healthy and perfect for you and your family.

Ingredients: Flour (Rice, Oats, Flour), Udad Daal, Freeze Dried Curd Powder, Rock Salt, Methi Seeds.

Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala, 500gm: Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala can be your next go-to breakfast if you are a Poha lover! Daalia is also known as broken wheat or samba rava and in India, it is used in recipes like Khichdi and upma. Our Multigrain Dalia is low in carbs due to the presence of whole grain Jowar flakes. So it is just your traditional Poha or masala rice but with a healthy edge of wholegrain and Indorian Spices!

Ingredients: Flakes (Jowar, Rolled Oats, Bajra) Soybean Oil, Veggies (Onion Flakes, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves), Rock Salt, Seasoning (Turmeric, Mustard seeds, Jaggery, Asafoetida, Dry Mango Powder), Natural Soy Lecithin.

Millet Upma, 250gm: Upma is a popular breakfast option in most households, but if you see it lacks the nutrition and protein required for one to kick start their day. Most of the available Upma mixes have semolina/rava (which contains gluten). We took this popular breakfast and made it healthier while keeping its traditional taste intact. It is also very easy and quick to cook! True Elements Millet Upma Mix is 100% gluten-free & only contains healthy millets like Jowar, Ragi, Bajra & Foxtail, along with colourful veggies & Indian spices. This makes our upma power-packed, energy-boosting and tasty breakfast.

Ingredients: Millets (Jowar, Foxtail Rava, Jowar Flakes) Dried Vegetables (Onion, Carrot, French Beans, Peas), Seasoning (Paprika, Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger), Udad Dal, Rock Salt, Soybean Oil, Natural Soy Lecithin.

How To Use True Indian Breakfast Combo:
Mix the batter/powder of breakfast mix
Add water to the mixture
Pour dosa batter on pan & heat the dalia/upma mixture on flame
Serve hot with your favorite chutney

Mix the batter/powder of breakfast mix

Add water to the mixture

Pour dosa batter on pan & heat the dalia/upma mixture on flame

Serve hot with your favorite chutney

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